See How Tucker Carlson Defended Trump From Russia Critics! (video/youtube.com)

Good afternoon fellow Seekers,

When will the left give up? Every week it’s another useless ragefest and they’re losing more ground (thankfully). More and more they up the ante and someone is going to get hurt or God forbid KILLED if it continues. These are becoming dangerous times, no doubt.

While I’m not Carlson’s biggest fan. He hits this on the head and drives the point home in no uncertain terms. As he usually does. I may have to give him another chance and have the DVR record a couple shows.

Here’s more from Tucker Carlson on Fox News Network…

“The people yelling the loudest about how the Russians are our greatest enemy and Trump is their puppet happen to be the very same people who have been mismanaging our foreign policy for the past two decades, the people who invaded Iraq and wouldn’t admit it was a mistake, the people who killed Muammar Gaddafi for no obvious reason and prolonged the horrible Syrian civil war and then threw open the borders of Europe, the ones still defending the pointless Afghan conflict and even now planning brand-new disasters around the world in Lebanon, Iran and, yes, in Russia.”

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Veritas vos liberabit, “The truth shall set you free”

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