Migrant mayhem on holiday: American tourist WHIPPED with belt ‘when he tries to stop them hurling insults at a woman pushing a stroller’ in Barcelona ~ Pamela Geller (gellerreport.com)

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This is what America will look like if the Democratic Socialists get their way in the upcoming 2018 and 2020 elections. It’s truly insane to think that they can’t see the dangers going on around the entire planet in those countries that have welcomed and or converted to a Socialist based government. TRULY insane.

We already have “No-Go” zones in some of our cities and this is the mentality that will ensue if this trend is allowed to continue. Remember this when you walk into the ballot box this coming November and in two years when we get to vote again. No vote = no voice.

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Just think, the Democrats want this for our cities and towns.

Scroll down for video.

Shocking moment street traders WHIP an American tourist with a belt ‘when he tries to stop them hurling insults at a woman pushing a pram’ in Barcelona

The tourist was set upon by the group of street traders in the Plaça de Catalunya
Woman was insulted because she complained there was no space to pass sellers
Violent brawl broke out and one of the traders whipped the tourist with his belt
No arrests have been made. Police want to speak to the tourist about the attack

By Phoebe Southworth For Mailonline, August 3, 2018:

Shocking footage shows an American tourist being whipped by street traders in Barcelona during a violent brawl.

The man was reportedly set upon by the thugs in the Plaça de Catalunya after he intervened to stop them throwing insults at a woman pushing a pram.

Video filmed by a startled onlooker shows the group of men punching the unnamed victim, who is reportedly aged 45.

One of the attackers, wearing a white t-shirt and light brown shorts, then runs at the tourist and repeatedly whips him with his belt.

He was said to be left with bleeding wounds after the attack and treated in hospital.

The clip ends with the victim running out of shot and horrified passersby rushing to break up the fight.

The woman with the pram had reportedly complained that the street traders had not left her enough space to cross the road.

There have been no arrests. Police are reportedly trying to speak to the American tourist about the attack.

Brawl: A fight between an American tourist (pictured left in white t-shirt and light brown shorts) and a group of street traders in Barcelona’s Plaça de Catalunya

The tourist tries to run away from the group of men who are lashing out. He reportedly intervened when a woman pushing a pram was insulted by the traders

One of the traders viciously whips the tourist with his belt as he tries to run away from the attackers.


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