Paul Manafort Jury Asks For Instructions About Consensus On 1 Charge ~ Ryan Lucas & Barbara Sprunt (npr.org)

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It bares well for Manafort the longer the jury holds out or can’t make up it’s collective mind. We are all waiting. Especially now that it looks like Cohen has made some kind of deal with the courts.

Here’s more from Ryan Lucas, Barbara Sprunt and NPR…


This courtroom sketch depicts former Donald Trump campaign chairman Paul Manafort (left) listening with his lawyer Kevin Downing on Aug 7.

Dana Verkouteren via AP


Jurors in the case of Donald Trump’s former campaign chairman, Paul Manafort, asked the judge on Tuesday what they should do if they couldn’t agree on one of the 18 counts on which they’ve been deliberating.

Judge T.S. Ellis III told jurors to resume their work. He said that their situation wasn’t unusual and that they could reach a partial verdict. Jurors went back into their meeting room after Ellis’ remarks to them in court.

The judge also allowed lawyers for the government and Manafort to read the note sent into court by the jury.

The jury has been deliberating since Thursday after two weeks’ worth of evidence and testimony in the trial.

The government charges that Manafort hid income from foreign consulting from the IRS and then, when that work dried up, lied to banks to qualify for loans to sustain his lavish lifestyle.

Manafort’s defense attorneys say he didn’t pay close enough attention to his personal finances in order to have deliberately broken the law and sought to damage the credibility of the star witness in the case, former Manafort protégé Rick Gates.

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