Joseph Stalin Would Be Proud: Manhattan Democrats Offer Trump Organization CFO Immunity to Compose Crime on Trump ~ Jim Hoft (thegatewaypundit.com)

Good morning fellow Seekers,

Here we go AGAIN! This is simply proving that we need to get out and VOTE come November 6th and make sure we turn the map RED. They will stop at nothing TO BRING THIS MAN DOWN. Our POTUS needs us to take the only stand we can. Stand in that booth and get him the support he needs to fight the Left, MSM and Deep State.

Here’s more from Jim Hoft and The Gateway Pundit…


Federal prosecutors offered President Trump’s longtime financial gatekeeper Allen Weisselberg immunity in the hope he will compose a criminal act by President Trump.

Joseph Stalin would be proud.

Democrats have NO CRIME to lay on President Trump so they are going to manufacture one.


“Show me the man, and I’ll show you the crime.”

– Lavrentiy Beria, head of Joseph Stalin’s secret police

This is America today.
The left is creating a crime to take down the sitting president.
They don’t even know what it is yet!

And the liberal media mob cheers them on!

The Wall Street Journal reported:

Allen Weisselberg, President Trump’s longtime financial gatekeeper, was granted immunity by federal prosecutors for providing information about Michael Cohen in the criminal investigation into hush-money payments for two women during the 2016 presidential campaign, according to people familiar with the matter.

Mr. Weisselberg, who is chief financial officer of the Trump Organization, was called to testify before a federal grand jury in the investigation earlier this year, The Wall Street Journal previously reported, citing people familiar with the investigation. He then spoke to investigators, though it isn’t clear whether he appeared before the grand jury.

The decision by prosecutors in the Manhattan U.S. attorney’s office to grant immunity to Mr. Weisselberg escalates the pressure on Mr. Trump, whom Mr. Weisselberg has served for decades as executive vice president as well as CFO for the Trump Organization. After Mr. Trump was elected, he handed control of his financial assets and business interests to his two adult sons and Mr. Weisselberg.

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Veritas vos liberabit, “The truth shall set you free”

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  1. turn the map red? It is already red my dear. if this is “reporting” then you must be aware that it is highly slanted. No one is attempting to make up some conspiracy. they are investigating a conspiracy. see how that works? one is slanted, one is factual. And blaming one political party or another is useless except to stir up anger, resentment and hatred. Democrats do not “hate” republicans..they simply do not understand them. Nor do republicans understand democrats. Instead of stirring up vitriol why not try an actual discussion with someone from an opposing political side. You might learn republicans and democrats are not so different after all.


    • Not exactly sure what you’re trying to prove with that rant. But I can assure you that through FB and Twitter I do plenty of work to get at both sides, but the map will/must stay red as to protect a DULY elected president. The Dems, should they gain any control have already made their intentions known. Impeach at every turn. It’s already chaotic enough. But somehow the POTUS still moves ahead and yes MAGA is alive and well.

      As far as understanding the Dems or those who are facing that long walk into irrelevance. I understand enough to know that the vitriol is coming from the left and I am simply trying to weather the storm. See you in November.

      Seek something, speak something ~ KDB of DSJ


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