Sorry, Democrats, You Found Fool’s Gold: After Cohen/Manafort News, Trump Approval Rating Is Stable…Like A Wall ~ Matt Vespa (townhall.com)

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“Fool’s GOLD”, that’s what they’ve found and they still continue to scream “EUREKA” from the roof tops. Even when they know there’s no there there. Yet again. The Elitists keep pushing the narrative and the “Reporters” or “Journalists” (sarcasm intended) keep playing the puppet and having no trouble choking it down. Shameful, but as we all know…journalism is DEAD.

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It’s a good week for the Democrats. That’s what fellow Democrats, anti-Trump stooges, and members of the media think about this whirlwind week of news. Michael Cohen has a plea deal over alleged campaign finance violations, along with bank and tax fraud charges. Paul Manafort, Trump’s short-lived campaign chief, was found guilty on eight counts of bank and tax fraud charges as well. For Manafort, these allegations predated the 2016 campaign. For Cohen, the alleged payments for these reported affairs, while slimy, is not necessarily illegal. For the Left, the crosshairs are zeroing in on President Trump, except that they’re not. Outside of the cancerous Acela Corridor, no one cares.

They know Trump is no altar boy. They knew he wasn’t the most conservative of Republicans. He was, however, not a politician and someone who was willing to take a baseball bat to the Capitol Dome. For months, the president’s approval rating has remained stable, despite the liberal media’s incessant and absurd attempts to cast this man as the anti-Christ. In the meantime, worker pay has reached its highest point in 10 years; three million jobs have been created, and second quarter economic growth has hit four percent. Unemployment is at an 18-year low. The economy is booming, but the elite news media ignores this. They also ignore the NAACP poll this month that shows black voter support for Trump hitting 21 percent. As the liberal bubble pops champagne over these stories, Trump’s approval rating remains solid—like a wall (via NBC News) [emphasis mine]:

After a week that saw President Donald Trump’sformer campaign chairman convicted on eight counts of fraud and his former lawyer plead guilty to felony campaign finance charges, the president’s job approval rating remains virtually unchanged, new polling from NBC News and the Wall Street Journal shows.

Between Aug. 18 and Aug. 22 — the day after the news involving former Trump campaign chairman Paul Manafort and former Trump attorney Michael Cohen — the president’s approval rating stood at 46 percent approve, 51 percent disapprove.

In a separate NBC/WSJ survey, conducted Aug. 22 through Aug. 25, Trump’s approval rating was 44 percent approve and 52 percent disapprove. That’s within the poll’s margin of error.

Republican pollster Bill McInturff of Public Opinion Strategies, who conducted this survey with Democratic pollster Peter Hart and his team at Hart Research Associates, called Trump’s approval rating “remarkably stable” despite the Manafort and Cohen developments, both of which became public on the same afternoon last Tuesday.

Hart adds that, for Democrats hoping to craft a midterm election strategy, the week’s news thus far “represents a fools gold opportunity rather than a silver bullet solution.”

People forget also that Barack Obama was re-elected with roughly half the country hating his guts as well. And if black voter support remains in the double-digits, coupled with Trump’s base more energized than ever over the media’s overreactions and the Democrat’s 2020 loony bin—it’s safe to say that Trump is still projected to win re-election.

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