SHOCKING FOOTAGE: Arizona Rancher Shows Why We Need A Border Wall ~ Elizabeth Vaughn (gellerreport.com)

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As the story reads, anyone who has an issue with addressing or doing something about border security should watch these videos. The insanity of the left is astounding as they argue for open borders and relaxed immigration standards. What we need is  BORDER WALL and comprehensive immigration REFORM.

They’re twisting m=numbers and creating stories to make those of us who want that damned wall and want the safety of our republic intact, but all they’re doing is making us more susceptible to attacks and letting drugs literally pour into this country. Enough is enough. #BuildThatWall

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Arizona rancher John Chilton owns 50,000 acres of land which lies on the US/Mexico border. Chilton has installed a camera on his property to film the continuous stream of illegal aliens entering our country and has provided The Daily Caller with footage. The video below shows 25 minutes of the never ending flow of “human smugglers, drug cartel members and illegal immigrants crossing into the US.”

Chilton told reporters he installed the cameras to show the government that the barbed wire fences installed along much of the US border with Mexico do little to stop the flow of illegals.

The videos show an unrelenting stream of alleged cartel scouts, drug mules and human smugglers — known as coyotes — using secret trails to work their way into the interior of the state. Many of the trespassers tote long guns and sport military-style camouflage, posing a threat Chilton knows from firsthand experience.

A U.S. Border Patrol agent was shot by smugglers in a remote section of Chilton’s ranch in June, according to The Washington Times. It was the latest in a long line of violent incidents that prove border security is not a priority for the government, according to Chilton, who is a prominent supporter of President Donald Trump’s efforts to build a border wall.

Every American who opposes a border wall should watch this dramatic video.

Advocates of open borders will not admit how porous our border really is or the danger this poses to the US. The Washington Post’s Christopher Wilson blithely explains how it is a “myth” to say that our borders are out of control. He states his case:

Such language suggests high levels of violence in U.S. border communities, but FBI statistics I have analyzed for a forthcoming report for the Mexico Institute show that from 2011 to 2015, all but one of the 23 U.S. counties along the border had violent-crime rates lower than the national average for similar counties, a finding that echoes previous analyses.

One can make statistics say anything they want them to say. It just depends upon the wording and what universe is used for comparison. Wilson says that our borders are not out of control because 22 out of 23 US counties along the border had violent-crime rates lower than the national average for similar counties. First, illegals are merely “passing through” these border counties, as John Chilton explained, to find their way into the interior of the state and beyond. And second, what exactly is Wilson referring to by “similar counties.” How are they similar? In demographics, in size? Are they nearby? How is a border county similar to a non-border county? This statistic is so vague that it doesn’t tell us anything. But all you need to know is that Christopher Wilson of the Washington Post has analyzed this situation “for his forthcoming report for the Mexico Institute.” And, furthermore, he obtained his statistics from the FBI. He continues:

In some ways, the border is porous — more than 300,000 people were apprehended last year for crossing into the country illegally. But what does it mean to have a secure border? The number of Border Patrol agents has increased more than fourfold since the early 1990s, and that 300,000 figure is the lowest recorded since 1971, meaning that the border is as secure as it has been in nearly five decades. Without a nationally agreed-upon way of measuring border security, we are stuck in a political debate as much about semantics as substance.

Another meaningless argument. Wilson would be nailed if he were participating in a debate. How many people were not apprehended crossing the border illegally? Surely, in the last 50 years, people have become more knowledgeable about how best and where to cross the border. In addition, if the number of Border Patrol agents quadrupled in the 1990s, why aren’t we apprehending more people?

As the US has increased border security, drug cartels and human smugglers have innovated. In addition to the large numbers of illegals who cross over the border, many, including the most dangerous of them, cross under the border.

Criminal organizations in Mexico are improving the tunnels they use to smuggle people and drugs under the border fence – making them smaller and maintaining a high level of sophistication, featuring electricity and railways.

David Shirk, director of the Trans-Border Institute at the University of San Diego, said:

The more sophisticated our border infrastructure has become, the more the smugglers have upped their game.

Cartels are going as far as consulting with top engineers in Europe to perfect their tunnel architecture.

And they have every incentive to do so. If it costs a million dollars to make a tunnel like that, they can make that back on the first run.

Drug seizures in tunnels are often in the multi-million dollar range, which suggests that cartels are making hundreds of millions of dollars on these tunnels.

It looks like Christopher Wilson of the Washington Post just lost the debate.

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