Gallup’s Top Editor Rips Media’s Trump Narrative to Shreds ~ BENJAMIN ARIE (westernjournal.com)

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It matters not how much you tell the MSM, Left, Democrats or any left leaning faction. They keep hammering this false narrative until their bleeding from the eye and can’t breathe at all. Literally. It’s the worst abuse of power that been the product of a Deep State that is also out of control.

Time for Mueller to stop the witch hunt and let this country continue down it’s path of GREATNESS. Enough is enough!

Here’s more from Benjamin Arie and Western Journal…


The left and the establishment media have been pushing the claim that Donald Trump illegally colluded with Russia to win the 2016 election, but proponents of that narrative just got some bad news.

Americans really aren’t buying it.

A recent poll from the widely respected Gallup polling group revealed that the vast majority of citizens do not believe Trump broke the law or acted unethically when it comes to the much-discussed but largely unproven “Russian collusion.”

The numbers back him up. A poll released last week showed that a relatively small percentage of people — 29 percent — think that Trump illegally teamed up with Russia to influence the presidential election.

Sixty-two percent of Gallup poll respondents said that President Trump did nothing seriously wrong with regards to Russia, or possibly acted unethical but didn’t do anything against the law.

That’s a major blow to liberal opponents of the president who hoped to use the still-vague Russian collusion story as a platform for impeachment.

It also shows that despite the ongoing probe led by Special Counsel Robert Mueller and almost daily coverage of the unproven scandal by the media, Americans are largely yawning at the entire issue.

To nobody’s surprise, there was a major split to Gallup’s findings along party lines. Liberals were more likely to say that Trump broke the law and colluded with Russia, with 59 percent of Democrats responding this way.

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It’s worth noting that this still means that some 41 percent of Democrats — a party that has made its opposition to Trump well known — still do not think that Trump illegally colluded with Russia.

When it comes to less partisan Americans, Trump also largely gets a pass. Just 29 percent of independent voters told Gallup that they thought Trump broke the law on the Russia issue.

That number was a paltry three percent among Republicans.

Americans also don’t rank the Russia issue very high on the list of problems facing the nation.

“Despite mainstream outlets hammering the Russia angle almost endlessly, voters have basically shrugged and turned their focus to other things,” The Western Journal reported.

Gallup asked Americans which issues were more important, but the Russian collusion narrative wasn’t even among the top 30.

“Less than 0.5 percent of respondents to the Gallup poll named ‘the situation with Russia’ as their top concern,” we reported in July. “A staggering 32 issues, ranging from unemployment to crime, all ranked higher on the list of concerns than Russia.”

The narrative is falling flat on its face but the left keeps hammering it, even though it is a losing issue. Maybe somebody should tell them before they dig themselves into a deeper hole.

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Veritas vos liberabit, “The truth shall set you free”

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