After Kavanaugh fight Democrats approve 15 judicial nominees so they can campaign

America's Watchtower

  One of the most important jobs a President is tasked with is nominating judges to fill vacancies in the lower courts and to date this is one thing Donald Trump and the Republican Congress has been very successful in doing. But with the exception of Supreme Court nominees this gets very little attention in the public eye.

  On the heals of Brett Kavanaugh’s dirty confirmation battle where the Democrats pulled out all the stops they decided it was more important to hit the campaign trail rather than fight to stop 15 of Donald Trump’s nominees to the lower courts. Here is more:

The Senate confirmed 15 of President Trump’s judicial picks Thursday night after GOP leaders reached a deal with Democrats, clearing about a third of the backlog and closing up shop through Election Day to give senators a chance to campaign.

Three of the judges are for the powerful circuit…

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