“Mark Zuckerberg Has Destroyed My Life”: Facebook DELETES over 800 mostly Conservative grassroots accounts, pages ~ Pamela Geller (gellerreport.com)

Good morning fellow Seekers,

With the news today talking about millions if not more accounts getting HACKED by outside sources. You’d think that MZ and FB would pay attention to the things that matter MOST. Instead of violating our RIGHT to FREE SPEECH.

DSJ has been stonewalled after reaching 1000+ followers and can’t seem to find or get any new traction. Without throwing money at it. That is not going to happen. You get what you pay for and we’re not paying for that.

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Having been one of the early targets of social media censorship on Facebook, YouTube et al, I have for quite some time advocated for anti-trust action against these bullying behemoths. The email below once again shows why this is so urgently needed.

Read my article about this at The American Thinker. We are seeing an unprecedented erosion in our First Amendment rights, increasingly prohibiting the flow of ideas and free expression in the public square (social media). Run by left-wing self-possessed snowflakes, social media giants are indulging their worst autocratic impulses. And because they can, it is getting worse. “Absolute power corrupts absolutely.”

I received this email from Geller Report reader Lindsay Lowery about the latest evil from Facebook:

Hi Pamela!

I’ve been a huge fan of yours for a long time and I’m hoping that maybe you can help me get my story out. I am a military veteran and conservative journalist and up until January of this year, I was in the conservative news business. Due to continued threats on my life by terrorists, Muslims, and liberals (which you can relate to), I finally decided I could not put the lives of my little girls at risk any longer (aged 4 and 6), and decided to pursue growing my health and wellness company, while using Facebook to help promote my supplements.  Facebook was also the primary means I used to communicate with my employees..up until today..when Mark Zuckerberg decided to rip it all away.

After 5 years as a conservative journalist, I amassed quite a large following. I had 300K fans following my Prissy Holly facebook page and close to 30K following my personal profile. I haven’t posted anything political since January of this year, except for a meme here and there. My fans (most of them red-blooded American veterans) were very sympathetic to the reasons why I left the news business, and they’ve been helping support me in recent months financially, by becoming customers of my health and wellness business.

Today I was one of the 800 accounts Mark Zuckerberg and his army of vile freedom-hating admins decided to target. With a click of a button, my work profiles, personal profiles, and public facebook pages are WERE ALL REMOVED, with no way to appeal the decision. I was simply given the notification that my accounts had been disabled, with zero reason as to why.

I did not violate any terms and conditions. I was not a “domestic actor using clickbait headlines” nor was I “violating facebook’s spam policies,” as the Washington Post claimed in their article, as to the reason these 800 accounts were removed.

All because Mark Zuckerberg and his band of liberals do not like that I’m a conservative, they’ve taken everything from me and overnight, and destroyed my primary source of income with absolutely no explanation.

Not only has this callous move destroyed me financially, but my personal accounts along with years of precious memories have been ripped away from me as well. Like most moms, I use Facebook to post pictures of my little girls…their lives that I documented daily…from the time I brought them home from the hospital swaddled in little pink blankets..to my 6-year-old mastering the balance beam at gymnastics….ALL DESTROYED. And why? All because Mark Zuckerberg hates me because I’m a conservative and wants people like me silenced before the mid-term elections.

If there’s any way you could help me get my story out, I would be eternally grateful. I’m just seeking a way to recoup some of my fans and followers that I worked and toiled for 5 long years to get.

I’m not the only innocent person being affected by this callous and fascist-like decision.

Around a dozen of my friends involved in conservative media have also been silenced today. Within a 1-hour span, our accounts began disappearing, with no way to appeal Mark Zuckerberg’s decision. Everything has just been completely disabled and all our pages completely erased.

Thank you for listening to me vent! I love and support you!

Prissy (Lindsay Lowery)

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***Facebook, Twitter and other biased social media sites have greatly reduced the distribution of our stories and articles in our followers news feeds and are instead promoting MSM and their sources. When you share our content with your friends however, you greatly help distribute the TRUTH. Please take a moment and consider sharing this article and other DSJ content with your friends and family. Thank you.***

Veritas vos liberabit, “The truth shall set you free”

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