America’s Immigration System Is Not Supposed to Function ‘Like a Charity’ It’s absolutely time to build a border wall, says a noted author as more caravan migrants head toward our country ~ MomZette Staff (lifezette.com)

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After this passed weekends debacle (of the left’s that is) we need the wall and we need it NOW. Call  it a wall, a wall system or a combination of the two. Who cares? #BuildTheWall

Here’s more from MomZette staff and lifezette.com…

A migrant caravan comprised of hundreds of people rushed toward the U.S. border over the weekend, with some members of the group hurling rocks and bottles and shouting and assaulting border patrol officers.

Thousands of additional individuals from Central America are reported to be on their way as well, after gathering in Tijuana and demanding entry into the U.S.ADVERTISEMENT

Kirstjen Nielsen, the secretary of the Department of Homeland Security, said the caravan as of now comprises 8,500 people from Guatemala, Honduras and El Salvador.

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New York Times best-selling author and terrorism expert Brigitte Gabriel says illegal immigration and ever-changing U.S. immigration policies are transforming America — and believes that the threat of the migrant caravan at the border of the U.S. and Mexico right now proves it’s absolutely the time to build a border protection wall.

In “Rise: In Defense of Judeo-Christian Values and Freedom,” her newest book, Gabriel shares compelling facts about the efforts of America’s enemies to undermine this nation at every level of society.

“When did our immigration system start functioning like a charity to benefit third-world countries rather than America?” Gabriel unabashedly writes in one of the chapters of her book, “Transformation Through Immigration.”

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“When did it become the case that the interests of foreigners should take precedence over those of American citizens? It’s a peculiar thing. A massive wave of third-world immigration has been engulfing America for half a century, yet all American citizens hear about from the ‘lamestream’ media is what a racist, intolerant country we live in.”

“If we don’t openly accept millions of individuals who have no desire to embrace the language, culture, and values that made America the greatest country in the history of the world,” she also notes in the book — well, then, “we must be racists.”

Gabriel is a legal immigrant from Lebanon.


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She went through the entire process to be a citizen of the “best country in the world” — a painstaking and expensive process that was worth it, as she says in a statement provided to LifeZette on Tuesday.

“When I came to America, I paid for my own ticket,” she said.

“I paid for my doctor’s visits and all the blood tests that I had to take to become an American. I paid for my lawyers to do my papers [needed to be come a citizen]. I had to study a two-inch-thick book written by the Daughters of the American Revolution about America’s history and heritage.”

“And I had to take a written exam as well as a verbal exam — in English — and pass these exams before I became an American,” she continued. “I am an immigrant. I am a legal immigrant. I am the type of immigrant America needs — not criminal aliens who break the law to get here.”

“As a legal immigrant from war-torn Lebanon, I understand the plight of those seeking shelter from violence and oppression from their native countries,” she added.

“America is great for the very reason that it does not allow lawlessness and embodies a set of Western principles that the countries many are fleeing from fail to uphold.”

“I also understand the very legitimate fears that average Americans have about their country and local communities being transformed before their very eyes.”

“America is great for the very reason that it does not allow lawlessness and embodies a set of Western principles that the countries many are fleeing from fail to uphold. The problem arises when those fleeing lawless, violent and corrupt countries seek to benefit from the safety, prosperity and generosity of the United States while not realizing that the reason America is a country they want to flee to is because we do not allow anarchy.”

“We do not allow anyone to come here simply because it’s convenient for them. We do not look the other way when someone violates federal immigration policy.”

Gabriel has addressed audiences all over the world about terrorism and current affairs.

She has spoken at the United Nations, to members of the United States Congress, at the Pentagon, the Joint Forces Staff College, The United States Special Operations Command, the FBI, and many others.

As Gabriel has said previously in LifeZette, “Despite lectures about our racist intolerance from politically correct elitists, the United States has the world’s largest immigrant population, and it’s not even close. One in five of the world’s immigrants live in the U.S., and our foreign-born population since 1965 has gone from 5 percent to 14 percent today — and it will push to a projected record of 18 percent in 2065.”

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