GOP Chairwoman Destroys All Opposition to the Border Wall with Devastating Statistics ~ Malachi Bailey (westernjournal.com)

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One major number speaks for itself. $134,900,000.00!!! That’s the estimated cost of illegal immigration on this country. That’s OUR tax dollars at work supporting ILLEGAL activity. Not trying to stop it…but inherently SUPPORT that very thing.

The POTUS has reached across the aisle more than once in regards to this travesty and was DULY voted into office to stop it. Mr. President. If you don’t get the measly 5 billion you asked for…SHUT IT DOWN!

Here’s more from  Malachi Bailey and Western Journal…

Democrats like to claim that a wall along the country’s southern border won’t reduce illegal immigration, but GOP Chairwoman Ronna McDaniel shut down that argument with a few devastating statistics that show the exact opposite.

As the threat of a government shutdown looms, Democrats are still resisting President Donald Trump’s request for $5 billion to build a border wall.

One of the regular liberal talking points is that a border wall isn’t going to be effective in stopping illegal immigration.

During Trump’s clash with Democratic leadership in the Oval Office on Tuesday, Sen. Chuck Schumer questioned the effectiveness of a border wall.

“We have a disagreement about the wall, whether it’s effective or not,” Schumer said.

As McDaniel pointed out, areas of the border with existing barriers prove the effectiveness of a wall.

We’ve seen huge drops in illegal traffic in places we’ve built barriers w/ Mexico:
– San Diego (built 1992): Dropped 92%
– El Paso (built 1993): Dropped 95%
– Tucson (built 2000): Dropped 90%
– Yuma (built 2005): Dropped 95%
@realDonaldTrump is right to push for more security.

Illegal immigration has declined in border cities like San Diego, El Paso, Texas and the Arizona cities of Tucson and Yuma since barriers were built there, and not just by a little bit. In fact, the numbers dropped by at least 90 percent in each location.

In 2006, even NPR noted that illegal immigration in San Diego drastically decreased after a barrier was built.

Border Patrol agent Jim Henry said at the time that illegal border crossings dropped from 100,000 annually to just 5,000.

“Here in San Diego, we have proven that the border infrastructure system does indeed work,” Henry said.

In January of this year, political commentator Paul Sperry wrote an article for the New York Post in which he explained how a barrier in El Paso helped combat illegal immigration.

Sperry said “the number of deportable illegal immigrants located by the U.S. Border Patrol plummeted by more than 89 percent over the five-year period during which the controversial new fence was built.”

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Politifact admitted that Sperry’s statistics were accurate.

“We found that he accurately recapped government-posted tallies of ‘illegal alien apprehensions,’ which are generally used as a metric to measure illegal immigration,” Politifact reported.

A barrier also helped drop illegal immigration in Yuma, according to The Washington Times.

The cost of a border wall in exchange for a drop in illegal immigration is a worthwhile long-term investment for taxpayers.

Currently, illegal immigrants are costing taxpayers an estimated $134.9 billion annually.

There’s no question that Trump’s proposed $5 billion border wall is worth it.

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