Donald Trump forces James Mattis out early

Huge DITTO from this Seeker…

America's Watchtower

  Last week James Mattis suddenly announced he was going to “retire” in February because of policies differences he has with the President. This news came the day after Donald Trump announced the United States would be pulling out of Syria and on the same day we also learned there would be a major draw down of troops in Afghanistan.

  It would appear these two decisions are what spurred James Mattis to retire, and being a general it is understandable that he would want to keep troops in the Middle East with basically no plan to ever leave like was the case with the previous two administrations. What is interesting however is how, after years of screaming it was time to get out of the Middle East, Democrats have suddenly turned into warmongers who support an endless war. But I digress…

  Earlier today Donald Trump announced that he…

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