Tucker Carlson Torches ‘The View’ with Scathing Fact Check ~ Bryan Chai (westernjournal.com)

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Tucker nails it yet again. The FACT that it’s The View in the sight viewer of his scathing rebuttal…is just pure GOLD.

Here’s more from Bryan Chai and Western Journal…

Tucker Carlson has never had a problem speaking what’s on his mind and he’s unapologeticabout that fact.

“The View” has proven itself to be a cesspool of screeching and mean-spirited ladies masquerading as daytime television.

That’s a recipe for a televised bloodbath whenever the two would cross paths. And boy, did their paths ever cross this week.

On Wednesday, Carlson went on his Fox News show and lamented the dying dream of the American family in 2018.

“The real problem (in America) is families. America used to be the best country in the world for families. Americans could get married and afford to raise their own children. If your kids worked hard, you could expect that maybe they’d be a little more successful than you were. That was what we called the ‘American Dream,’” Carlson wrote in an accompanying opinionpiece for Fox News.

“For a small group of affluent people, it still exists. They’re still living like it’s 1965. Good for them. But for everyone else, that dream is dying. America’s middle class is in decline because middle class American families are declining,” Carlson adds. “So the question is why is that happening? There are lots of reasons, but a major driver of family collapse, the one nobody ever talks about for some reason, is simple economics.”

“Study after study has shown that when men make less than women, women generally don’t want to marry them. Now maybe they should want to marry them but they don’t. Over big populations, this causes a drop in marriage, a spike in out-of-wedlock births and all the familiar disasters that inevitably follow. More drug and alcohol abuse, higher incarceration rates, fewer families formed to the next generation,” Carlson said on the Wednesday edition of his show.

These are all valid points Carlson has made. Bad economics and the inability to make a comfortable living wage are absolute impetuses for people not wanting to have families. Both anecdotally and through studies, Carlson’s point shouldn’t be all that controversial.

But of course, leftists latched onto Carlson’s words as some sort of attack on… something? Femininity? Women?

Carlson focused on some of that backlash, particularly from “The View,” in a scorching rebuttal on his Thursday show.

“It reminds me of when they blamed women for pregnancies as if he nothing to do with it,” Joy Behar, “The View” co-host, said.

Behar then lamented some sinister force trying to keep women down while another host called it “loony town.”

“Yeah, loony town,” Carlson retorted on his show. “No one contested the facts of what we said. In fact, later in the show one of those same hosts admitted that, in fact, women do strongly prefer marrying men who make more than they do.”

Nobody contested the facts because there were no counter-facts. Carlson was dealing with studies and facts, while “The View,” as leftists tend to do, dealt with feelings.

Specifically, Carlson mentioned a 2015 Brookings Institution study and a 2017 studypenned by several economists.

“In the last half century, marriage rates have fallen dramatically. In this paper, we explore possible drivers of this trend, including declining economic prospects among men, an increase in unwed births that constrain women’s later marriageability, rising rates of incarceration, and a reversal of the education gap that once favored men and now favors women. We estimate that the decline in male earnings since 1970 among both black and less-educated white men can explain a portion of the decline in marriage, but that cultural factors have played an important role as well,” the 2015 study bluntly states in the summary. Long story short, Carlson is 100 percent correct to say that the decline of the American family and all of the benefits that traditional family entails is due in no small part to economics.

Carlson cites the 2017 study when he says that it “found that when factories close, marriage rates go down and single parenthood becomes more common. This causes a higher proportion of children to wind up on drugs or in prison, so it’s not a small thing. By the way, many other studies have reached the same conclusions over a long period of time. This is real.”

This is all to say that, despite not needing to because he already provided far more evidence than “The View,” Carlson still took it upon himself to fact-check the hysterical far-left.

Good for him. Leftists may not have wanted to hear actual facts and studies in the face of their lunacy, but their nonsense should still be put down at every juncture.

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