Your Headlines for 2/6/19; NYC Sharia Patrol, SOTU Gargoyles, CNN Hypocrisy & GOP support Emergency Declaration?

Good morning fellow Seekers,

Today’s stories cover a wide range. From a new Muslim cop impersonating patrol in liberal NYC, late term abortion, the POTUS’ UN pick and the upcoming (more than likely) emergency declaration on our southern border.

Trump’s SOTU last night touched on most of these, but we need strength and more of a bipartisan approach if we’re to win and sustain the sovereignty of this country and it’s liberties. Hang in there Mr. President. WE ARE.


New York City: Muslim Community Patrol working in NYPD-like cars, wearing NYPD uniform lookalikes (gellerreport.com)

Watch: Trump Calls for Ban on Late-Term Abortion, Democrats Sit Stone-Faced (westernjournal.com)

CNN hits Heather Nauert for interviewing Robert Spencer and other foes of jihad terror, but CNN featured them also (jihadwatch.org)

GOP senators think Trump would win vote on emergency declaration (thehill.com)


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Veritas vos liberabit, “The truth shall set you free”

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