HEADLINES for 3/10/19; Sandmann’s Next Target, Trump Reminds Omar, ‘Islamophobia’ vs. Jew-hatred & 2020 Dems Out of Touch

Good morning fellow Seekers,

Today’s stories are pretty spread out over several issues facing this country, bu the last one says it ALL. Dems are truly out of touch and taking a page from HRC’s political playbook. Please please please keep doing so. It’s why you all LOST in 2016 and will again come 2020. Some people NEVER learn.

They, like HRC are spending time with those who are already a proverbial “Shoe-in” as far as a Dem vote come 2020. The middle yet again being ignored by the Dems and where Trump did the most damage to HRC’s campaign fatality. Keep it up Dems…all you do is dig a deeper hole.


Nick Sandmann’s lawyer reveals CNN is next target for lawsuit — the amount is staggering (theblaze.com)

Did Trump Just Remind Ilhan Omar Where America Stands by Shutting Down Palestinian ‘Embassy’? (westernjournal.com)

The false equivalence between ‘Islamophobia’ and Jew-hatred (gellerreport.com)


2020 Dems Show True Priorities at Trendy Festival That’s Out of Touch with Heartland America (westernjournal.com)

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Veritas vos liberabit, “The truth shall set you free”

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