HEADLINES for 3/12/19; Youth and Socialism, AOC Has No Fear, Dems Face Reckoning & Dems Need of a New Base

Good morning fellow Seekers,

Today we take a look at the Dems and the push for a new base. What base is that you ask? One that involves a Socialist, immature, jobless and mindless minions that have no clue what made this country GREAT in the 1st place.

A push for a socialist economy with robots doing as much of the physical labor as possible. In the effort to free up the artistic minds of our youth. While also allowing illegal immigration to run rampant. As we know, all these factions vote heavily in the Dems favor.


Half of Young Americans Want to Live in a Socialist Country (dailysignal.com)


Ocasio-Cortez: Don’t fear ‘being automated out of work.’ Automation will mean ‘more time creating art.’ (theblaze.com)

ABC News’ Terry Moran Warns That Democrats Face ‘Reckoning’ If No Collusion Is Found (westernjournal.com)

Democrat Pressley of Massachusetts Introduced Legislation Lowering Federal Voting Age to 16 (lifezette.com)

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Veritas vos liberabit, “The truth shall set you free”

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