HEADLINES for 3/17/19; Popular Vote Bill, Bernie’s Haunting Past, Dems Fear of Pardons & Exploitation of NZ Massacre

Good morning fellow Seekers,

In the news today we find that the left is sprinting even further in that direction by trying to abolish the Electoral College and the right we take most seriously. The right to VOTE. If they get their way, states like California and New York will dictate who gets into the oval office from here on. We must stand and fight this harder than just about anything else their going to run on. Their agenda gets more ludicrous by the day.

In other stories we look at Bernie Sanders and his past stance on socialism, Dems screaming yet again that the sky is falling in the White House and what is fast becoming a larger travesty. That being the exploitation of the NZ shootings and the left’s weaponization of said tragedy.


Colorado Dem Gov signs national popular vote bill (theblaze.com)

Bolshevik Bernie advocated 100% tax, nationalizing companies (gellerreport.com)

Dems fear Trump is looking at presidential pardons (thehill.com)

Video: David Wood and Robert Spencer on the New Zealand massacre and how it is being exploited (jihadwatch.org)

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Veritas vos liberabit, “The truth shall set you free”


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