CNN, MSNBC, The Atlantic publicize SPLC’s Left-biased and defamatory “hate group” map ~ ROBERT SPENCER (

The Left-fascists are moving in for the kill. “CNN, MSNBC Air Misleading Liberal ‘Hate Map,’” by Trey Elmore,, August 17, 2017: DETROIT ( – In the aftermath of the Charlottesville clashes between white supremacists and Antifa resulting in the death of 32-year-old Heather Hayer, mainstream news media has […]

CNN: Wolf Blitzer speculates Barcelona is “copycat” of Charlottesville ~ ROBERT SPENCER (

Of course Wolf Blitzer immediately reaches for this, because he doesn’t believe that there are Islamic jihadis at all. It doesn’t fit his network’s narrative. And vehicular jihad? Wolf has never heard of such a thing. “Wolf Blitzer Speculates Barcelona Attack May Be ‘Copycat’ Of Charlottesville [VIDEO],” by […]

Charlottesville: Either all racism is bad. Or all racism is acceptable. ~ Pamela Geller (

Charlottesville is the left’s Reichstag moment. If you are going to ban the Confederate flag, you have to ban the Demcrat party, the party of slavery. GREENFIELD: ONE EASY WAY DEMOCRATS CAN STOP NEO-NAZIS CHARLOTTESVILLE IS WHAT HAPPENS WHEN THE LEFT EMPOWERS EXTREMISTS. 8.14.2017, Daniel Greenfield: A protester walks with […]

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