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Dirty Cop Mueller and FBI Nabbed RNC Finance Committee Documents with Michael Cohen’s Computers Jim Hoft Jim Hoft (

Good afternoon fellow Seekers, When will it end? The BIGGEST witch hunt in this country’s history. It even rivals the Salem witch trials by comparison. Enough is enough. Conclude the investigation and FIRE Mueller immediately thereafter. But by all means #FireRosensteinNOW Here’s more from Jim Hoft and The […]

Former CIA Official Threatens Trump: “You’ve Been Around for 13 Months – We’ve Been Around Since 1908. We’re Going to Win” (VIDEO) ~ Jim Hoft (

Good morning fellow Seekers, This is the same guy who called him self a “proud sh*tholer” a couple weeks ago. And now he proceeds to prove just that. The “Rank and file” members of the FBI and DOJ are pissed at YOU Mr. Mudd (apropos name). Good thing the word […]

House memo states disputed dossier was key to FBI’s FISA warrant to surveil members of Team Trump ~ Alex Pappas, Catherine Herridge (

A memo that shows alleged government surveillance abuse has been released and includes testimony from a high-ranking government official who says without the infamous Trump dossier, the FBI and DOJ would not have secured surveillance warrants to spy on at least one member of the Trump team. The […]

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