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JUST IN: Special Counsel Takes Aim, Dozen Trump Officials Targeted As Probe Rages Posted ~ Sam Di Gangi (

Maybe if Special Counsel Robert Mueller interviews everyone in America, at that point, he will understand that President Donald Trump was guilty of no shenanigans with Russia. So far, a probe into the campaign’s Paul Manafort has revealed that he is/was potentially a very shady businessman. While he […]

DiGenova: Use Criminal Division to Investigate Clintons No need for special counsel on various past scandals, says a former prosecutor on ‘The Ingraham Angle’ ~ Jim Stinson (

There is ample evidence to investigate the Clintons for political corruption, and a special counsel is not needed, a former federal prosecutor told Laura Ingraham Tuesday night. Joseph diGenova, a former U.S. attorney for the District of Columbia under then-President Ronald Reagan, told “The Ingraham Angle” on Fox […]

Minnesota: Muslim who tried to join the Islamic State is released from federal halfway house ~ ROBERT SPENCER (

“Is there anything in the government’s eyes that through their investigation … he should not be released?” asked U.S. District Judge Michael Davis. “No, your honor, none whatsoever,” said Assistant U.S. Attorney John Docherty. Let’s hope the government is right. If they aren’t, the consequences could be explosive. […]

Fighting Back: Rep. Warns of Literal Coup if Mueller Allowed to Continue ~ V SAXENA (

  Florida Rep. Matt Gaetz, one of three House Republicans who last week introduced a bill demanding the resignation of special counsel Robert Mueller, warned in an interview Thursday of the risks involved with allowing Mueller to continue his investigation into President Donald Trump. “We’re at a real risk, Andrew, of […]

Geniuses at CNN Deliver Jihad Propaganda for Terror Groups ~ Grizzly Joe (

Concerns about jihad propaganda spreading through the internet are well-placed; this is how a good many so-called “lone-wolves” become adherents of Koranic literalism without setting foot in a mosque. Once upon a time, some of us were concerned about Al Jazeera America bringing jihadi propaganda directly into American homes via basic cable. […]

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