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Sorry, Democrats, You Found Fool’s Gold: After Cohen/Manafort News, Trump Approval Rating Is Stable…Like A Wall ~ Matt Vespa (

Good morning fellow Seekers, “Fool’s GOLD”, that’s what they’ve found and they still continue to scream “EUREKA” from the roof tops. Even when they know there’s no there there. Yet again. The Elitists keep pushing the narrative and the “Reporters” or “Journalists” (sarcasm intended) keep playing the puppet […]

Harvard Law Professor Dershowitz Tempers Hysteria on Cohen Plea: ‘Kind of Like Jaywalking’ ~ Jack Davis (

Good afternoon fellow Seekers, Once again the left and the MSM are going out of their ever loving minds about the verdicts and plea bargains rendered yesterday. Just as predicted…no doubt. Here’s Alan breaking it down. Much ado about nothing… Here’s more from Jack Davis and Western Journal… The […]

‘Life, Liberty & Levin’ host Mark Levin says Lanny Davis had Michael Cohen plead guilty to two counts of criminality that don’t exist on ‘Hannity’. (Video/Youtube)

Good morning fellow Seekers, I’m not going to bore into your brain with some wasted ideological rant. I will let “The Great One” as Hannity calls him. Give you the low down and just how MEANINGLESS yesterday’s outcomes were. In the Cohen and Manafort results. Yet again the […]

Mueller To Keep Quiet on Russia During Manafort Trial, the Witch-Hunt Continues ~ CHUCK ROSS (

Good morning fellow Seekers, Why exactly won’t Mueller present any evidence in regards to the Trump’s “Russian Collusion” investigation? Because there isn’t any! Simple as that. But as the by line reads, “The Witch Hunt continues”. Insane… Here’s more from Chuck Ross and Western Journal… Special counsel Robert […]

Federal judge accuses Mueller’s team of team of ‘lying,’ targeting president, ‘C’mon man!’ only interested in ‘prosecution or impeachment’ ~ Pamela Geller (

Good morning fellow Seekers, Here we go. Even Judge Ellis sees through Mueller’s investigations BS. Sees it for what it is. A “Witch Hunt”. The fact that they broke Manafort’s door down like brown shirted storm troopers from Nazi Germany should be enough to get this dismissed. Fingers […]

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