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Deported Gangster in Murder Plot Worked in Colorado City that Wouldn’t Hire Police Chief for Backing Immigration Enforcement (

A previously deported illegal immigrant gang member charged with attempted murder and kidnapping this month was arrested by U.S. Marshals in Ft. Collins, a northern Colorado sanctuary city that ousted a finalist for police chief over his support of immigration enforcement. Judicial Watch blew the scandal open in September and […]

‘Cards Against Humanity’ buys land to block Trump’s border wall, calls him ‘golem who fears Mexicans’ ~ PETER REID (

The popular adult party game is mocking Trump’s proposed border wall by purchasing land on the U.S.-Mexico border. Cards Against Humanity, the adult party game that involves lewd jokes, says it has purchased land on the U.S.-Mexico border in an effort to prevent President Donald Trump from building […]

Trump’s DOJ Gives 29 Liberal Sanctuary Cities December 8 Ultimatum ! ~ K. CAMPBELL (

The Department of Justice recently warned 29 jurisdictions that their so-called “sanctuary” policies were in violation of federal immigration laws and gave them a fast-approaching deadline to scrap those policies. On Nov. 15, the department informed officials in Illinois, Oregon, and Vermont, along with 26 cities and counties around […]

JUST IN: Special Counsel Takes Aim, Dozen Trump Officials Targeted As Probe Rages Posted ~ Sam Di Gangi (

Maybe if Special Counsel Robert Mueller interviews everyone in America, at that point, he will understand that President Donald Trump was guilty of no shenanigans with Russia. So far, a probe into the campaign’s Paul Manafort has revealed that he is/was potentially a very shady businessman. While he […]

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